I arrived at the accommodation in Calne just as the combined groups were eating.

We then swapped the long table in the scout hut for one at the pub.

The pub was very noisy but the evening was pleasant enough (as were the young bar staff) to be able to sit outside all evening and use the pool table in an adjacent barn.

The standard of pool was not high much to the amusement of the spectators.

The work site was Pewsham Locks in particular the bottom one of the flight of three.

The main jobs were the clearance of the adjacent dry dock ...

... and to find the brickwork line of the nearside lock wall which had been demolished.

The offside ground paddle structure ...

,,, and all that remains of the nearside one.

Tea break!

The spoil from the lock trench was transported to the top of the lock on a barrow run.

The dry dock clearance continues ...

... until lunchtime!

A view of the middle lock ...

... and the top lock.

We found much old ironwork ...

... and even the buried bottom lock gate!

As well as the lock wall we excavated down to the remaining brickwork of the nearside bottom wing wall.

Afternoon tea break ...

... and Andi finds an interesting place to rest!!

By the end of Sunday the dry dock had been cleared and the lock wall brickwork exposed, a very succesful weekend.