The work for the weekend was bricklaying...

... more bricklaying ...

... and even more bricklaying!

Matt and Andi with Synchronised bricking

A view from the upstream end ...

... and the down stream end

Morning tea break ...

... where the conversation was, as normal, sintillating!

In case you ever wondered where WRG plant goes to die

A closer view of an engine-less Smalley excavator

An ariel view of lunch (Well - off the top of a brick pile)

In the afternoon the bricklaying speed increased

New boy Nigel wonders what he has let himself in for!

Lesley knows but she still keeps on coming back

Over the weekend ...

... we laid the best part of two thousand bricks ...

... which was eight courses.

Our leader Peter Smith had a culvert all to himself - I wonder why!

Moose and Maria ably kept up the supply of mortar all weekend

We had a job getting the brickies to leave site, they even took their afternoon tea break at their work place. Refusing to make any more mortar eventually made them stop!