The weekend was spent on two sites, one group (The constructive one) worked on lock 28 on putting in a replacement bywash as the original one has proved to be too small. The other (The destructive one) went scrub bashing on the offside between locks 16 and 18 (I think).

The following photos are generally  of the bywash group taken by Ed on the Saturday and the scrub bash team taken by Tim on the Sunday.

Installing trench sheets for the culvert

Levelling the trench sheets prior to them being driven

Martin driving sheets for the outlet structure the hard way ...

... whilst Matt does it the easy way.

More piling (Eds caption)

Driving the sheets down to the final level

That evening we celebrated Helens 40th Birthday, albeit 3 days early

Little did she know that the candles couldn't be blown out!

The rest of the evening was spent in the Bleak House which seems to be slowly improving 

Back at the accommodation Helen received her birthday card, a collage of photos of her digging (and posing) over the years ...

... meanwhile Mark wrote up the dig so far!

Sunday morning got off to a damp start ...

.. unfortunately so did the bonfire ...

... and by lunchtime it had got no better.

The walk up to Lock 28 for lunch took us up one of the prettiest sections of canal in the country

The construction gang had got in a section of 600mm pipe which I am told was a b*****d to joint to the previously installed length.

I don't think new guy Matt quite realised what he had let himself for ...

... whilst Steve and Valerie, also on their first dig, had finally achieved their weekends ambition to get muddy.

Helen posed with her usual wet weather gear ...

... whilst our other Essex girlie was a bit more wimpish.

Richard demonstrates that men of Kent don't need waterproofs !

Fortunately the bonfires decided to spring to life in the afternoon ..

... which was fortunate as the crew certainly needed drying out.

All in all a very successful weekend