The work for the weekend was to continue installation of the pipes for the backpumping scheme aound the St Johns flight of locks.

I arrived on site on the Sunday of the dig where Dave Moore was part of a group making good the ground over previously laid pipes by Lock 11.

Below lock 11 another group were installing a section of pipe into a trench dug out the previous day.

Digging out the trench had been very problematic due to the presence of large lumps of concretre and fibre optic cables, not to mention a wider than ordered bucket on the excavator!

Once the pipe was laid it was pushed into the socket of the previously section using the excavator bucket. The device in the background is a laser level used to lay the pipes to the correct gradient.

Tim removes the last of the protruding concrete using a Kango hammer to enable Ed to finally position the pipe.(Photo by Helen From Colchester)

Meanwhile Nigel finds that towpath reinstatement can be a lonely job.

As was normal for the weekend lunchbreak meant more rain!

The pipe was checked for level ...

... backfilled ...

... and compacted. Helen is displaying the latest fashion from Essex - designer bin bag.

We decided to install another section of pipe even though the weather was by now quite foul

This involved a change in gradient and direction which was acheived using a purpose made 11.25 degree bend.

Installing the bend required us to concrete it in to form a thrust block so that the pressure of the pumped water would not dislodge the pipe and cause it to leak.

Moose starts to clear the site ...

... and Martin compacts the last of the backfill.

A few dumper loads of roadstone and you wouldn't know that we'd been on site!