We joined Essex WRG this weekend at the Tamworth Road Site of the Lichfield Canal.


One of the many jobs was backfilling a previouslt built wall at the tail of Lock 26

Helen mixes the concrete...

... which  had to be transported by barrow as the only access was over a pedestrian bridge over the lock.

Tea Break !

Another job was completion of the brickwork to one of the bridge abutmnets over the tail of Lock 25 ...

... whilst yet another job was to expose the original walls between locks 25 and 24 ...

... which included the removal of an enormous tree root!.

Andy starts yet another of the weekends tasks which was to cut a ladder recess in the wall of lock 25, not the most popular job

Martin & Nigel really must buy a new level!

Essex WRG expose the rear of the quoin stone on lock 25.

The other Andy takes his turn on the Kango.

The tree root was eventually removed with the help of the Local society's JCB

The JCB digging out the canal between lock 24 and 25

Dave takes his turn on the Kango ...

... followed by Martin.

Meanwhile the digging team expose one side on the tail of lock 24 ...

... followed by the other side.

Sunday also saw the completion of the backfilling to lock 26.

Many thanks to all who attended and to Andy Roberts for the organisation.